EVLers Receive Award at the 2003 Ideas Fest

April 26th, 2003

Categories: VR Art


At this year’s Ideas Fest 2003, the Animagina project was selected as the Best Immersive VR Environment. The VR application was developed by the Animagina group - Daria Tsoupikova, Tina Shah, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Damin Keenan, Seung Kang, Julieta Aguilera, in collaboration with Alex Hill, Geoffrey Baum, Franz Fischnaller.

The Indiana IDEAS (Interactive Digital Environments Arts and Storytelling) Festival is a competition and juried show of interactive entertainment, 3D, 2D, aural, virtual, animated and still creative work which is held each year at the Radio & TV Center, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. In 2003, the Ideas Fest accepted entries from: Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. The competition is open to individuals or groups of any age.