Ygdrasil 0.4 - Released

September 24th, 2004 - October 30th, 2004

Categories: Applications

Ygdrasil Version 0.4
Ygdrasil Version 0.4


We are please to announce the release of Ygdrasil 0.4

This version provides several significant enhancements:

  • Load, delete, and re-load scene files without restarting the application
  • Save changes out to a file from within the application
  • Access all state variables using event messages (i.e position, floor, fly, etc.)
  • Load template scenes without regard for repeated node names with new ygScene node
  • Improve debuging with transform coordinate systems wireframes and the power to have individual nodes or types report sent messages
  • Enjoy improved client stability and networking efficiency through the use of QUANTA 0.4