Announcing Ygdrasil 0.4.3 and New Website

August 1st, 2006 - August 5th, 2006

Categories: Applications, Software


The Ygdrasil website at has been completely reworked.

There is now a complete user guide that covers everything from installation to scripting and networking.

The site includes a reworked scripting tutorial and a graphical interface tutorial with over 60 screen shots.

And, there is now a forum to support the Ygdrasil user community.

This will be an ideal place for questions and feedback about all subjects including installation, configuration, and scripting.

Also, the forum will serve as a collection point for impressions and feedback about the new graphical interface.

Ygdrasil 0.4.3

The latest release of Ygdrasil allows multiple cluster nodes running CAVElib distribution to form a single client.

The Bergen client now uses the OSC protocol for seamless communication with either the Bergen server or MaxMSP / Supercollider servers.

This release also includes a number of improvements such as:

  • A 2-sided lighting model
  • A 2-pass rendering mechanism
  • Sounds that pause and restart when under switches
  • A revised grabNavigator that allows users to temporarily override navigation