LambdaRAM Research Presented at Argonne National Laboratory Seminar

March 4th, 2008

Categories: Applications, Data Mining, Networking, Supercomputing


Argonne Laboratory
Mathematics and Computer Science Division Seminar
LambdaRAM: A High-performance, Multi-dimensional, Distributed Cache for Data-intensive Applications

DATE: March 4, 2008
TIME: 10:30 am
LOCATION: Building 221 Conference Room A216, Argonne National Laboratory
HOST: Tom Peterka

In his talk, Vishwanath presented his current research, LambdaRAM, a high-performance, multi-dimensional, distributed cache that harnesses the memory of multiple clusters interconnected by ultra-high-speed networks and employs efficient latency mitigation heuristics to provide data-intensive applications with low latency, seamless access to local and remote data.

In addition, Vishwanath discussed the integration LambdaRAM with Bioscience applications to interactively visualize remote data and with NASA Goddard’s Climate analysis application for computation of wind shear.

Venkat Vishwanath is a PhD candidate at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory(EVL) in Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC). He works on High Performance Networking at 10Gbps and beyond, Data Intensive Computing and High-Speed Transport Protocols.