The Fabric of Visualization

December 1st, 2020

Categories: Visualization


Marai, G.E., Moller, T.


The visualization theory foundations draw on several domains, from signal processing to software design and perception. This chapter describes the landscape of visualization foundations along three aspects: a Humans aspect, a Systems aspect, and a Formal aspect, along with the domains the visualization foundations are rooted in. This chapter further provides definitions for the visualization, theory foundation, theory, model, and concept terms, and a discussion of theory granularity, from grand theories to middle-range theories and to practice theories. The chapter further discusses several challenges related to the theory fabric of visualization that result from the diversity of our roots. The chapter ends with a discussion of possible evaluation criteria for theory components, with respect to the range of theories and models, from mathematical frameworks to guidelines and best practice advice presented in this book.

ISBN 978-3-030-34444-3





Marai, G.E., Moller, T., The Fabric of Visualization, Foundations of Data Visualization, Mathematics and Visualization Series, Springer 2020, Chen, M.|Hauser, H.|Rheingans, P.|Scheuermann, G. (Eds.), December 1st, 2020.