Mars Explorer

January 1st, 1999 - November 2nd, 1999

Categories: Applications, Education, Tele-Immersion

Still from Cooperative Learning Experiment
Still from Cooperative Learning Experiment


This project is an interactive and collaborative learning environment that aims to teach children about collective sample spaces. It is a Tandem application based on Mars Builder designed for the CAVE or IDesk Environments. In this application the user will be assigned the task of collecting a respresentative sample of geological data from the virtual environment. The goal is to teach children about the process of scientific inquiry by providing a rich virtual environment to explore.

The user will have to determine categories of sample data in order to determine what types of data may require further exploration and recording. Much of the data to be collected is derived from information collected and published by NASA’s explorations of the planet. The following images are screen captures from the application. The user is scanning different rocks and retrieving element content readings.