Remote Visualization of XRay Diffraction Data from the X8C Beamline at NSLS

August 1st, 1991 - July 1st, 1992

Categories: Applications, Visualization


This project allows for crystallographic data to be remotely collected from the XC8 Beamline located at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This beamline is one of many beamlines attached to the NSLS or National Sychrotron Light Source.

The purpose of this project was to demonstrate that crystalographic data could be collected from the beamline without requiring a site visit. In the past if a sample was to be examined a researcher would have to bring the sample to the beamline, have if mounted and then collect the data. This results in an expensive way to collect of this type of data.

The solution that this project demonstrates is a method of remotely collecting the data and processing it as it is collected. The project consists of an interface which allows for some control over the beamline remotely over the internet. The data collection instrumentation is connected to the interface over the internet via BSD sockets.

“Remote Visualization of XRay Diffraction Data…” premiered at the Showcase exhibit at SIGGRAPH 92, Chicago.