CAVE™ Library

September 1st, 1991 - September 30th, 2001

Categories: Software


The CAVE™ Library is an Application Programmers Interface (API) that provides the software environment / toolkit for developing virtual reality applications.

It was created for the CAVE™ system, but currently supports a wide range of devices - CAVEs™, ImmersaDesks™, PARIS, Infinity Walls, HMDs, etc. It handles hardware specific tasks so that details of the hardware being used are transparent to applications. It reads various tracking devices (InterSense, Ascension Flock of Birds, Spacepad and PC Bird, Polhemus, Logitech, etc); computes accurate, viewer-centered, stereo perspective for arbitrary display screens; takes care of multi-processing, synchronization, and shared memory; and provides general utility functions.

The CAVELib™ is available commercially from VRCo.