ImmersaView Launcher

July 1st, 2003 - November 9th, 2004

Categories: Software, Visualization


ImmersaView Launcher is an application that allows a user to run ImmersaView remotely from any computer and transfer the appropriate files from the ImmersaView Launcher computer to the computer running ImmersaView. More importantly, when ImmersaView Launcher is used in conjunction with the Access Grid Toolkit, it allows people to collaboratively choose what 3-D model to view with ImmersaView and have all participants have their local ImmersaView session simultaneously start and stop.

This program was developed as a shared application for the current version of the Access Grid. It provides a minimal graphical user interface primarily for determining the filename of what 3-D model to view in this collaborative session in addition to specifying what files in what directories should be transferred from the computer running the AccessGrid venue client software to the computer running ImmersaView.

This project was funded through the Geowall grant - Collaborative Research: ITR: The Geowall - Stereo Visualization for the Earth Sciences - EAR 0218918.