August 16th, 2006 - Ongoing

Categories: Networking, Software


The OptIPuter is a powerful distributed cyber-infrastructure to support data-intensive scientific research and collaboration. The OptiStore Project aims to develop a data management system that bridges the gap between the very large data sets (usually three dimensional volume data sets and time-varying spatial data sets) and highly intensive computing applications in the context of OptIPuter. In the OptIPuter concepts, the distributed components, such as rendering clusters, data storage clusters and computation clusters are inter-connected by wide area optical network. Thus the data that the computation cluster needs at one location may exist on different remote data storage clusters at other locations. It is the goal of OptiStore to access large amount of data (from terabytes to petabytes) on remote locations, query them on the distributed servers, transfer them among OptIPuter components, fast and reliably, and transform them from one data model to another in real-time.