Interactive Exploration and Tracking of Viscous Fingers in Large-Scale Ensemble Simulations

May 16th, 2016 - August 15th, 2016

Categories: Applications, Visualization, Visual Analytics

Screen Shot of Viscous Fingers Visualization Application
Screen Shot of Viscous Fingers Visualization Application


The visualization of aleatoric uncertainty in ensemble simulations - i.e. the study of high concentrations in mixtures - provides many challenges due to the size and dimensionality of the data sets. EVL researchers have developed a web-based application designed to locate and track areas of high concentration in salt-solution simulations.

The goal is to learn more about the behavior of Viscous Fingers, or contiguous areas of high concentration of salt within a cylinder of pure water. The application allows viewers to explore 3-D ensemble simulation data using both 2-D vertical slices of the cylindrical data to get a more detailed view of the data in a specific time step, as well as a feature tracking merge tree to better understand the evolution of these Viscous Fingers over the course of a simulation run.