Data Sharing and Analysis Across Leadership Computing Facilities

August 15th, 2023 - August 14th, 2026

Categories: Data Mining, Software, Supercomputing, Data Science, High Performance Computing


The development and construction of facilities that allow for efficient data sharing while also providing computational resources for data analysis is becoming a crucial activity across all fields of science. In many research areas, the generation of large-scale, sophisticated simulations on HPC platforms is now as important a part of science as are the associated experimental and theoretical studies. The simulations can be computationally expensive, and often only a limited number of codes exist that can take full advantage of large-scale HPC systems. Therefore, sharing simulation results within the community to enable comparisons to experimental data and further data exploration in search of new insights is essential to push science forward.

EVL graduate research assistants work with Argonne National Laboratory scientists on the following tasks:
• Active development of the data portal to support releasing cosmological simulation data to the community.
• Test data portal and develop tests to increase the portal’s robustness.
• Develop of documentation and tutorials on the use of data portal.