Tele-robotics to Tele-autonomous Robotics for Isotope Production

February 12th, 2024 - February 11th, 2025

Categories: Applications, Software, Supercomputing, Visualization, Data Science, High Performance Computing, Internet Of Things (IOT), Robotics


EVL graduate research assistants are working with Argonne National Laboratory scientists on the project entitled “Tele-autonomous Dexterous Robotics”, contributing expertise in (i) building digital models of the key components (robot arms, manipulator, some processing equipment) and optimization of models for real-time, high spacial resolution interaction; (ii) explore Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) technologies/methodologies/architectures; and (iii) design an immersive display with high spatial resolution and low latency.

The tasks include:
* Explore Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) technologies/methodologies/architectures.
* Build and optimize an immersive display for real-time, low latency, high spatial resolution tele-autonomous control of the remote processes.