GE Medical Systems Summer 2003 - Internship
Temporal Processing Development of a novel image presentation technique highlighting the differences in x-ray images acquired at different times in IDL and C++
Image Registration and Warping Developed Algorithms for Image registration and warping of Xray Images aquired at different times using IDL and C++
Computer Algorithms Spring 2004
Two dimensional (bi-cost) all pairs shorest paths problem      src Developed and implemented an algorithm to calculate theshortest path between any two points based on two cost considerations - the Time and distance- using C++
Computer System Security Fall 2003
Group Manangement      src User, group management of KernelSec ( Kernel Security model) by creating templates for group sets user associations using Java
Computer Animation Fall 2003
Aquoids            src             ppt An Aquarium Schooling behavior simulation in OpenGL and C++
Computer Graphics Spring 2003
Poing The Poing game using OpenGL and C++
Asteroids The Asteroids game using OpenGL and C++
Defenda The Defenda game using OpenGL and C++
OOPS and C++ Spring 2003

Automated Menu System

src- SmallTalk       src- C++

A hotel menu system automated to generate the diet based on cost and calories.
Computer Networking Fall 2002
Reliable User Datagram Protocol src A Java Program to implement a Reliable UDP protocol.(UDP with TCP Features)
A Routing Algorithm Simulation src A Java program to simulate the Djkstras Algorthm
Advanced Computer Vision Fall 2002
Corner and Edge Detection src A Matlab program to detect Corners and Edges in images.
Virtual Reality Fall 2002
Desperado ppt A 3D CAVELib game to similate a fight in immersive environment , the CAVE and Immersadesk
Bacheleors Project Spring 2002

Bachelors Degree Course completion project src

' X++ ' - A 3d Rendering Engine to simulate multi user navigation in C++.