The main graphical elements in the piece were a series of hand drawings digitized using a flatbed scanner attached to a Macintosh computer.
Thie following text file I used as a guide for converting hand drawn line art into texture maps. I needed the file because I was sleep-deprived and couldn't remember the steps on my own.

1. scan the image in on the mac, 72 dpi
2. fetch it / get it here
3. convert to rgb format using xv
4. imgexp file.rgb darkfile.rgb 20 255
5. imp darkfile.rgb, invert it, paint out blemishes, save it out
6. ipaste -n out.rgb, snapshot it off black screen at 128/256/512 x by y size
7. tobw snap.rgb
8. cglue [ for transparency] file.rgb

These are the completed textures used in the CAVE and I-Desk programs.

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