These and more signs were placed in the hallways and next to the elevators to guide attendees to 3036 ERF.
This is an overhead view of the 3036 ERF reception area, screening room and training stations.

The curtains were made of a thin black plastic material which came in a yard-wide roll. Jim Costigan originally procured it for the lab. It was hung from dowel rods, which had nails in each end, to which fishing line was tied. The dowels were hung from the ceiling by tying the other end of each length of fishing line to a ceiling-tile support.

I spotted a podium in one of the classrooms on the first floor of the ERF building, which I thought would look good as a reservation desk (the kind of thing you see inside the entrance to a restaurant). I pointed this out to an unnamed third party, and she and an unnamed fourth party were kind enough to steal it for me at 5 p.m. when classes were over for the day. The podium was manned on opening night by Josephine Anstey, who dressed as a maitre-d and took reservations for those who hadn't called in advance.

Here are the CAVE and I-Desk reservation sheets from the show.

The tables upon which the food was placed were dressed with the black plastic material used for the curtains. The table tops were covered with black paper. The food area consisted of: There was an Electrohome 8500 projector connected to an SGI Maximum Impact, projecting the output of a drawingboard playback program onto one wall of the room. The program displayed what viewers had drawn downstairs using the ImmersaDesk piece, animating the lines and showing the results in 2D. As the show continued and more people used the program, the amount of displayed material increased.

This sign was in a clear plastic frame on the wall next to the projected display. It was illuminated by a small halogen light.


The training area consisted of two SGI Indys, one running the music program and the other the interaction training program, a disconnected Wand, a pair of non-working Stereographics LCD shuttered glasses, and a few plastic signs. Attendees were given an introduction to the software and the workings of the technology.

These signs were on the table and over the monitors in the training area.


This is a screen snapshot of the program which played the musical themes in the training area.

These are screen snapshots of the interactive training program. The first shows two lines -- the leftmost, brighter one being in a "picked" state. When the user holds the left mouse button down, he or she can draw with the mouse. The second screen shows the user having drawn a straight, thin green line with the mouse.

This screen shows what happens when the user releases the mouse button. The bright, "picked" line moves across the screen and over the position of the thin green line which the user drew. The next screen shows the user having pressed the right mouse button, which picks the other line, causing it to become the brighter of the two lines.

Here the user draws a sideways V-shape in green. The spiral then moves across the screen to take the shape of the V.

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