Project 1: Elevation Visualization

This project was a pretty simple introduction to scientific visualization for me.  We had a nice hieght map and color map of part of the Grand Canyon, and we were told to visualize the data.  This was my first experience with VTK.

One cool thing I did was to allow users to have HSV values beyond the normal range of values.  That produced the pretty picture above, which I guess my professor liked, since he used it in his course webpage.

Project 2: Vol-Viz of the Visible Woman

This was my first experience in volume visualization.  Here we worked with a downsampled version of the Visible Woman dataset from the NIH.

Project 3: Illinois Weather Visualization

This was an interesting project.  I tried to gather data from neighboring states so that way I can get some data beyond the Illinois borders.  Doing that would have allowed me to do simple interpolation and not worry about extrapolating the data beyond the weather stations withing the borders.  Unfortunately, the data from neighboring states was formatted in a very different manner, and I didn't have enough time to write parsers for each of the different formats. 

The funniest thing I found out after doing this project was that the color guage was already built into VTK, where as I did it by hand.  While not as pretty as VTK's, I was still proud of the fact that I did it by hand using other VTK components.  I was also happy to see my professor use one of my screen captures in his course webpage the following year.