Project 1: Intro to GLSL & GPU Programming

I've messed around with GPU programming before, but not too much.  I have some experience setting up and running a Cg shader.  I went all out on this project though, at least for my skill level.  Here we have:

Project 2: Water Reflection/Refraction and Normal Mapping

This was a fun project to work on.  I took some of my friends code to load in OBJ models and added some hooks to load in color and normal maps.  The water behaviour didn't turn out as well as I had hoped it would have.

Project 3: Depth of Field Effect with an Automatically Adjusting Focal Distance

I saw a paper from ATI and was inspired to work on depth of field.  I felt that this was going to be super cool.  It works, but the one thing I didn't get around to finishing was adding camera based eye-tracking.  If I had that working then the focal distance was going to be determined by where your eye was looking, not the center of the screen.

Course Final: Billboard of the Future

The final in the course was to write some kind of tutorial on how to do "something" using the GPU.  After looking at a Gamasutra article on the Tron 2.0 glow effect, I felt I had to try to do the same thing.  I wanted to do some kind of neon sign effect and have a billboard hovering high above the clouds in some futuristic manner.