August 1st, 1999 - January 1st, 2000

Categories: VR Art

Courtroom Scene
Courtroom Scene


LOCKUP is an installation, performance and interactive narrative in Virtual Reality that explores the realm of possibilities open to us when we alter life courses through important decision making. Using a transgressive story line, the user is transcended into a criminal world where their fate can be determined by the choices made throughout the piece.

A totally immersive suspension of disbelief is achieved via physical interaction with virtual and real objects and an intellectual and emotional connection to the characters and plight of the user’s survival. Two performers in the CAVE™ with the user interact in a “good-cop / bad-cop” method to provide guidance and encouragement.

The artwork takes advantage of physical space by actually locking the user into the CAVE™ Virtual Reality Theater behind metal bar doors. The user is forced to wear an enhanced straitjacket that contains temperature, heart rate and vibration input and output sensors. There are surveillance video cameras that watch the user and the audience and incorporate and recontextualize these images back into the artwork.