Artica Intergalaxia

August 20th, 1994 - April 15th, 1995

Categories: VR Art

The Gallery
The Gallery


Artica Intergalaxia is an intergalactic gallery containing an exhibition of virtual reality art entitled Amorphous Cubes.

The idea behind the exhibition space was to create a virtual experience for the viewer / user not only in viewing the art work, but also by creating a journey to each one of the four works of art.

Because virtual art work is of a spatial nature, icons of the four works of art are exhibited in individual temples.

The type of architecture was chosen to create a space in which viewers subconsciously are aware that they are within a gallery setting. The creation of the architecture in space places a known and familiar structure in a setting that could not ordinarily exist in reality.

Artica was exhibited publicly, both on video and on an ImmersaDesk, at SIGGRAPH 96 in New Orleans. At SIGGRAPH, it was shown on video in the Computer Animation Festival.

As a virtual environment, it was part of a collaborative EVL exhibit entitled Neither Here Nor There that was shown in both The Digital Bayou and The Bridge Art Show. For this exhibit, it was shown both as an individual work, but also as a part of CAT (CAVE™ All Terrain), a shared context software environment that integrated several VR Projects at EVL into one application.

The CAT project, entitled The Oort Continuum, was created as the opening exhibition for the CAVE™ at the Ars Electronica Center (AEC).

The AEC CAVE™ opened during the Ars Electronica Festival in 1996. The The Oort Continuum continues to be a part of AEC’s permanent collection.