The Oort Continuum

January 1st, 1994 - December 1st, 1996

Categories: VR Art

Jupiter Junction
Jupiter Junction


The Oort Continuum is a virtual reality application designed for the CAVE™, based on the CAT (CAVE All Terrain) shared context software environment written by Marcus Thiebaux. CAT integrated several independent virtual environments into a single application. The resultant “cosmic collaboration” is explored by users traveling around the virtual Oort Cloud ring and teleporting to various virtual environments.

Jupiter Junction by Marcus Thiebaux allows users to explore the solar system without size limitation.

Margaret Watson’s, Artica Intergalaxia presents a virtual celestial gallery, immersing the visitors in a meditation of organic substances exhibited in fantastical architectural spaces.

Dream Grrrls by Margaret Dolinsky and Grit Sehmisch invites users to explore dreaming in a labyrinth. Where they can discover paths that lead to whimsical worlds to ride a see-saw in the clouds or be captured by an animated vessel that shakes you into another world.

The sculpture gardens and spaces within “The Gallery of Motion” take visitors through surreal mathematical landscapes and structures, where kinetic objects, snowstorms, strange attractors and knots can be explored.

Push / Pop by Tom Coffin presents a virtual art space where black and white images are portals into alternative virtual worlds, where there is neither a top or bottom, up or down - and gravity does not exist. Coffin’s collaboration with Gary Minnix, “Yes Maybe No” explores 2-dimensional images and photographs collaged in 3-space.

Alan Cruz’s and KaLeung Jark’s Aquasphere allows participants to experience a virtual dive into the ancient ruins of Atlantis, while encountering unusual aquatic life along the way.

The Oort showed at SIGGRAPH 96, the opening of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, and at the Total Museum Conference in Chicago, IL.