Divided We Speak

January 1st, 1997 - November 1st, 1997

Categories: Animation, Multimedia


The “Divided We Speak” PHSCologram tryptich is a unique collaborative study in sculpture, photography, sound and poetry, based on an audience interactive media symphony in six movements, by Miroslaw Rogola. The work was commissioned and shown by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago in the Fall of 1997.

Alan Cruz, EVL MFA graduate, collaborated with Rogala, Stephan Meyers, Ellen Sandor, & Janine Fron, (art)n to create the three-dimensional, animated models used to in the series of three PHSColograms. Although the images include the neo-lithic site, Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China, much of the imagery is computer-generated and arranged in virtual space in ways that could never exist in “reality.” The medium consists of rotated computer interleaved Duratrans and Kodalith films mounted on plexiglass, framed in a metal lightbox accompanied by interactive, digital sound.

“Divided We Speak” has been designed to mimic life in the information age. The viewer activates or encounters seemingly random shards of information (sound, computer, and video images) and through experimentation, movement, and mental engagement, creates a unique experience. Another essential consideration for the artist is that each viewer’s experience of the artwork is different. Thus while in the public space of the museum, each viewer creates a private space.