Historically, EVL has been involved in the development of software and hardware systems to support electronic artists’ and computer animators’ needs. In the ’70s and ’80s, the patch-programmable analog Sandin Image Processor (IP), GRASS, ZGRASS, Datamax UV-1, and high-level graphics programming languages, were developed at EVL to address the need for accessible tools to create real-time animation. Ygdrasil was developed as a high-level authoring and scripting tool to support the development of art in virtual reality.

In the years since, state-of-the-art modeling and animation software applications have become readily available and are commonly utilized by students at EVL. However, the combination of commercially avaliable software, the software developed at EVL, and the programming expertise stressed in the program, the resulting animated works have a unique look and feel. Some examples of such work are showcased on our site as MFA Thesis projects.

Additionally, EVLers have created a significant body of animated works using computer graphics. These works have been exhibited internationally and selected for numerous juried shows, such as the highly regarded SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival. A number of these works are archived and currently available as part of the SIGGRAPH Video Review publication.