January 1st, 2006 - May 15th, 2006

Categories: Animation, Web Art

Simultaneous, QTVR Object Movie, Infinite Loop
Simultaneous, QTVR Object Movie, Infinite Loop


From the telegraph to modern live satellite feeds, a flattening of time and space has occurred via technologies concerned with communication and media. This occurrence prompted Paul Virilio to speculate upon the concept of chronoscopic time, a viewpoint based upon the speed of light as a replacement for prior conceptions of the passage of time chronologically. In his formulation, a new realization utilizing the photographic metaphor of underexposed - exposed - overexposed is substituted for the recognizable past - present - future structure.

These pieces attempt to visually explore this possibility.

Photographed with a single camera, the object was placed upon a turntable and photographed from different angles to produce the 180° view. The prosthetic and “virtual” head deliberately looks back into the past, forward into the future and direct gaze upon the viewer in the present.

Multiple video cameras placed at different angles and heights surround the subject and capture simultaneously. The resulting frames are superimposed upon each other and re-constructed through post-production techniques. The attempt further illustrates the flattening of time and space and the perceptible conjoining of these states by allowing the viewer to see from multiple vantages simultaneously.