September 1st, 2004 - December 5th, 2004

Categories: Animation, Applications, Education, Multimedia



Its Friday night and the weekend’s here, you need to unwind… Where’s the party?

The object of MapPoint is to drive around the city of Chi-Town and find the location of the party by midnight! In order to find the location of the party, you have to first find pieces of a flyer that has the MapPoint location. Once you have all the pieces of the flyer, you know the location of the MapPoint and have to find it while exploring the city. When you are at the MapPoint location, you will be given a “puzzle” to solve before given the location of the party. If you solve the puzzle in time, you can party!

While the player drives around the city trying to find the flyer pieces and the MapPoint, he also encounters happy / mad clock faces that if collided with, will give him more time or less time which adds to the challenge of the game.

MapPoint is designed for the 12-15 yr. old range to introduce strategy and problem solving in games.