January 1st, 1994 - December 31st, 1995

Categories: Multimedia


Battalion is a game where “A monster blows up, destroys” repeats. It was written in 1994 on a Silicon Graphics Indy in GL for the IndiZone contest. This version also ran in the CAVE™ and on the Immersadesk™ as a virtual reality game at the EVE 4 art show in May 1995. The GL version won “best indy software” and is available on the Indizone3 CDROM. It was then converted to OpenGL (with several enhancements) and modified in late 1996 to work with the Mesa graphics library. In 1997 it won the Hot Mix 17 game contest from SGI, and was available on the Hot Mix 17 CDROM.

Battalion now also runs on Suns under SunOS 4 and Solaris 2, under Linux, on HP workstations, under AIX, under OpenVMS, on the Macintosh G4s, on Windows 95 / NT and the BeOS.