Through the Looking Glass of Josephine Lipuma

January 5th, 2000 - May 15th, 2001

Categories: VR Art


This networked virtual reality CAVE™ application explores a wonderland inspired by Lewis Carroll’s popular story.

The VR artist lures the visitor into making the environment his or her own fantasy realm by rearranging it. Rows and rows of blue mushrooms appear everywhere for the visitor to pick. Forty-foot rabbits appear and disappear, and self-portraits of the artist as a blue-faced spirit or a crazed, yellow-haired Alice character with a Cheshire Cat-like grin randomly pop-up.

An original vocal and string arrangement provide an eerie accompaniment to this mesmerizing environment.

Sound Designer / Composer: Joseph Cancellaro

Musical credits:

  • Music adapted by Josephine Lipuma
  • Orpheus & The Maenads: Concerto for Mandolin and String Orchestra
  • Robert Lombardo, composer
  • Dimitris Marinos, soloist, with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Cliff Colnot, conductor
  • Aria Variata by Robert Lombardo
  • Julia Bentley, Mezzo-soprano

Technical assistance / node creation / programming support: David Pape, Damin Keenan, Kyoung Park, Samroeng Thongrong, Marientina Gotsis and Darpan Joshi

Special thanks to Dan Sandin and Franz Fischnaller