Alternate Currents

October 27th, 2001

Categories: Applications, Multimedia, Software, Sound Art, Tele-Immersion, VR Art



The Electronic Visualization Laboratory presents ‘Alive on the Grid’. This piece was originally exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival 2001. It is a collection of ten virtual worlds. This tele-collaborative piece will be networked to Indiana University during the show.

The collection consists of the following works:

  • Looking for Water - Dan Sandin
  • Dreambox - Beth Cerny, Alex Hill, Ya Lu Lin, Brenda Lopez Silva, Todd Margolis
  • Through the Looking Glass of Josephine Lipuma - Josephine Lipuma
  • Excavation - Joseph Tremonti, Petra Gemeinboeck
  • Home - Drew Browning, Annette Barbier
  • PAAPAB - Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Dan Neveu
  • Super Spectacular - Tim Portlock
  • syn.aesthetic - Geoffrey Allen Baum, Keith Miller
  • Infinite Studio - Todd Margolis
  • Beat Box - Margaret Dolinsky, Edward J. Dambik
  • Confluxus - Todd Margolis