September 1st, 2000 - January 1st, 2001

Categories: Multimedia, VR Art


Home is an interactive, navigable virtual-reality environment that explores ideas about dwelling and its relation to the psyche. In it, a house abandoned by its owners, is up for sale. Half-empty spaces still reverberate with memories and the most private moments of its previous inhabitants. Deceptively normal looking from the outside, once inside, spaces stretch and break apart and walls fall away, leaving only a small plateau hanging in emptiness, resounding with the lives and voices of those who still haunt it.

The rooms and hallways include a soundscape composed of spoken narrative fragments and a musical ambient score. Immersants may encounter the ghostly presence of other voyagers in the space, and may leave a recording of their voice for future visitors.

Home began as an on-line VRML environment, and was remade for the CAVE® environment. It contains links to the work of numerous artists who reflect on the meaning of domestic space and identity, including a screenwriter, photographer, set designer, film and video makers, and computer artists. Each brings a unique perspective on the meaning of home, this most universal and basic of necessities.

Drew Browning and Annette Barbier, major artist / designers>
Geoffrey Allen Baum, programming and VRML-CAVE conversion
John Loesel, composer
Dave Tolchinsky, screenwriter
Reid Perkins-Buzo, technical assistant
Sam Ball, theatrical consultant
Voices: Linda Gates, Delle Chatman, David Downs, Rives Collins, Molly Sullivan, Dan Brintz

Melinda Levin, Karla Berry, Barbara Bird, Art Nomura, Michelle Citron, Paul Hertz, Ondrea Delio, Laura Kissel, Harlan Wallach, Deb Diehl, Shawn Decker, Diane Hagamann