Waiting In Line Exhibited at the Museum of Science & Industry

August 14th, 2003 - August 18th, 2003

Categories: Animation, Multimedia, VR Art


The Museum of Science & Industry’s “Experiments… Science + Art” program showcases Chicago performing and visual artists as they invent new ways to illustrate and enjoy science through compelling live performances and interactive installations.

“Waiting In Line” by Drew Browning and Annette Barbier is among the interactive installations showcased during this event. “Waiting In Line” is an interactive computer installation of visually rich, graphical representations of waveforms. The exhibit encourages those waiting in line in the Museum of Science & Industry’s Great Hall to participate in creating a series of Lissajou figures, a pattern of criss-cross lines often used in science fiction movies of the 1950’s. The images will be displayed on a large nine-screen video matrix. As guests enter the Museum, they will receive two sheets of colored paper used to control the horizontal and vertical frequencies and create complex, changing patterns.