September 1st, 2000 - September 1st, 2002

Categories: VR Art

Users interact with PAAPAB
Users interact with PAAPAB


PAAPAB is a networked virtual dance floor with a steady dance beat. The user joins the dance by selecting one or more life-sized puppets whose movements mirror that of the user’s body movements through a simple motion capture system. As more users join in the dance, the floor gets more crowded.

The CAVE™ is equipped with a tracking sensor for the user’s head and either one or two arms. PAAPAB uses this data to create the puppets’ realistic dance motions.

Each puppet shape varies, and the trackers are mapped to their body parts in different ways. Hence, the user may move her arms while the puppet moves its legs, tail or wings.

Over time, a diverse group of animated puppets inhabit the virtual dance floor. At each networked site, a local heartbeat keeps the dancers and the dance floors in sync with one another.