Shared Spaces

May 1st, 2002 - August 31st, 2002

Categories: Multimedia, Sound Art, VR Art


The Shared Spaces project is a collaborative virtual reality experience on a VR Portal installation system. The space is designed to be a community meeting area where participants from varied backgrounds can come together in a tele-immersive environment and cooperate to create a mutually meaningful convergence.

These participants will be able to join into the virtual world through the VR Portal at the MCA and from other physically remote VR systems.

Through the passage of time, the space evolves into a collective expression of the participants intentions. The virtual objects and activities in the space begin as pre-determined constructs by the artists and gradually develop based on user-input.

The virtual environment is sub-divided into three seperate areas accessible from a main entranceway. Participants are first confronted with “Confluxus”, an architectural portal that reacts to the positions and movements of the users within it by revealing only the parts of the structure that are within users’ proximity.

Within this space, the participants can see each others’ avatars leaving trails from their wake in the 3D architectural grid.

From here, participants are encouraged to move to one of the three virtual project rooms (Infinite Studio, Super Spectacular and Syn.aesthetic).