Shared Spaces Exhibited at NWU’s 2nd Annual Art & Technology Symposium

May 24th, 2002 - May 25th, 2002

Categories: Applications, Devices, Human Factors, Multimedia, Software, Sound Art, VR Art


The Northwestern Univerisity’s Center for Art & Technology hosts the Second Annual Symposium: Art, Technology and Spirituality which features exhibitions, concerts, screenings and presentations by artists, musicians, and scholars.

Included in this year’s event is Shared Spaces, a collaborative virtual reality installation designed to bring participants together in a mutually meaningful convergence. Participants will be able to meet in the architectural portal called Confluxus. This is the beginning point from which participants are encouraged to move to one of the three virtual project rooms, each created by different artists: Infinite Studio by Todd Margolis, Super Spectacular by Tim Portlock, and Syn.aesthetic by Geoffrey Baum and Keith Miller.