VR Portal

May 1st, 2002 - April 1st, 2003

Categories: Devices

The VR Protal Constructed On Site for Version03 at the MCA
The VR Protal Constructed On Site for Version03 at the MCA


The VR Portal is a configurable virtual reality installation system. The compelling experience is derived from its immersive screen, head-tracked 3D computer graphics and real-time interactivity. The large screen ensures the participants’ feeling of total immersion while the tracking system allows the computer to know where and how people move so that the virtual world adjusts its display in a corresponding manner. Our input device, the Wanda™, enables participants with the ability to interact and affect the virtual spaces. The microphone gives users the ability to control the experience through speech. Two speakers fill the local physical space with the virtual sounds.

The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago first prototyped this system in 2001. Applied Interactives, N.F.P. has since been invited to show this system at the Stray Show (Chicago, IL; 12/01), Who? (Indianapolis, IN; 3/02), Immersions Weekend at the Block Museum (Evanston, IL; 5/02) and ISEA (Tokyo, Japan; 5/02).