Presentation by Bino and Cool

March 31st, 2004

Categories: Animation, Applications, Cultural Heritage, Education, Multimedia, Networking, VR Art

Bino and Cool
Bino and Cool


Born in Sweden, Bino and Cool have been working together since 1998 as Artists In Residence at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with visualization art, science, and education applications in the CAVE virtual reality system.

Bino and Cool are artists and have worked with CAVE systems since 1996 and with the VR Cube at the Royal Institute of Technology since 1998. They are the creators of the VR art pieces Yggdrasil, Giza, and the museum VR-reconstruction, Vouni.


  • Virtual Vouni, the museum of the future. Virtual Vouni is a shared distributed public CAVE VR wall installation. A full scale totally immersed virtual experience from the palace VOUNI and its surroundings and 3D-scanned objects. The project tackles the difficult question regarding the right to museum collections (who owns the past?) and about retrieving cultural heritage to the country of origin. The museum had a vision to reconstruct the ancient Cypriote palace Vouni that was destroyed in 380 B.C. The project will develop distributed Virtual Reality via Internet between museums for shared collections between different countries. It has been a successful collaboration between VR-artists Bino and Cool and archeologists at the Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm.
  • Cave art works and applications