A Comparsion of Video, Avatar & Face-To-Face in Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments

September 1st, 1996 - May 1st, 1997

Categories: Applications, Education, Human Factors, MS / PhD Thesis, Tele-Immersion

Avatars from the <em>Dimension Land</em> Project.
Avatars from the Dimension Land Project.


The use of communication technology has an effect on communication. Studies have been conducted that show these effects vary by transmission channel and by the nature of the communication. The communication strengths and weaknesses of a technology can only be assessed in a given setting or context.

Education has been an outstanding model for testing communication theory, since the roles and purpose of the participants are clear and testing is an integral component of the process.

How techniques of communication in a channel are used is not easy to qualify but the effects can be measured.

The results of this study will shed light on the qualities and effects of different communication conditions of channels in a collaborative virtual environment design.