Dimension Land

September 1st, 1996 - May 1st, 1997

Categories: Applications, Education, Human Factors, MS / PhD Thesis, Tele-Immersion


In Dimension Land a remotely located instructor uses a shared virtual environment and the three dimensions of VR to teach about hypercubes and 4D math.

As a 3D box can be projected into 2D space, so a hyper-cube, the 4D cube, can be projected into 3D space. The students can experiment with this 3D projection.

This application is part of an experiment that compares learning in a remote environment with a teacher who is:

  • Physically present
  • A networked video presence
  • A networked VR avatar

Dimension World was built to evaluate how people communicate in virtual environments as part of Costigan’s Masters Thesis in the Department of Communications.