July 19th, 1998 - July 24th, 1998

Categories: Animation, Applications, Cultural Heritage, Devices, Education, Networking, Tele-Immersion, VR Art


EVL’s participation in SIGGRAPH 98 included virtual reality demonstrations using an ImmersaDesk2 in the “Guerilla VR” venue at the Digital Pavilions (Emerging Technologies) and a roving ImmersaDesk3 throughout the Conference venues.

Four of the art and education VR applications were networked between the two IDesks; “Dimension World”, “Interiors”, “The Round Earth Project” and “The Thing Growing”.

Three applications were stand-alone; “Grid”, “Las Meninas” and “Mitologies”.

The pieces showed a variety of methods for creating interactive VR work.

EVLers also took part in the following events:

  • Dan Sandin had two works in the Pioneers Art Show as part of the SIGGRAPH 25th Anniversary celebration. He also participated in the Digital Campfire session, which was an open forum discussion about historic computer graphics events and people.
  • Dave Pape’s video of Crayoland was selected for screening in the Computer Animation Festival.
  • Gary Lindahl presented a sketch, “Optimizing Stereo Formats for Projection-based VR”.
  • Hisham Bizri also presented a sketch, “Las Meninas: The Articulation of Vision”, as well as the inclusion of two slides “Mitologies: A Church After Leonardo da Vinci” and “Las Meninas: Seeing and Being Seen”.
  • Josephine Anstey chaired a Gallery Talk on Interactive Installation.

Maxine Brown was awarded the first SIGGRAPH outstanding service award for unselfish dedication and exceptional volunteer contributions. As she was unable to attend, EVL graduate students and alumni accepted the award on her behalf.