Building a VR Narrative

January 28th, 2000

Categories: Applications, Cultural Heritage, VR Art

A Tracked User Dancing
A Tracked User Dancing


Anstey, J., Pape, D., Sandin, D.


In this paper we discuss issues involved in creating art and cultural heritage projects in Virtual Reality with particular reference to one interactive narrative, “The Thing Growing”. In the first section we will briefly discuss the potential of VR as a medium for the production of art and the interpretation of culture. In the second section we describe “The Thing Growing” project. In the third section we discuss building an interactive narrative in VR using XP, an authoring system we designed to simplify the process of producing projects in VR. In the fourth section we will discuss some issues involved in presenting art and cultural heritage projects in VR.




Anstey, J., Pape, D., Sandin, D., Building a VR Narrative, Proceedings of SPIE, Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VII (The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2000), vol 3957, San Jose, CA, January 28th, 2000.