Presentation by Paul Klein

November 12th, 2003

Categories: Animation, Applications, Architecture, Multimedia, Sound Art, Video / Film, VR Art, Web Art

Paul Klein
Paul Klein


Paul Klein has been an art dealer and gallery owner for over twenty years.

About himself he says:
“Raised in Chicago suburbs and San Francisco Bay Area. Educated in the mountains. I like to push the edges. The perpetual dilemma is how to pursue what resonates while finding a way to make or have money to pursue what resonates. I think that’s what I want to talk about too. The bigger picture. Which voice do you listen to? The money voice or the art voice? Can that be one voice? Which one are you: follow the trend, set the trend, miss the trend? Does the trend even matter? At any rate, that’s where I usually end up, the relationship between what one cares about and what one does (I like to see people come from themselves to fulfill their potential, not someone else’s).”

About Klein Art Works he says:
“We present art we believe in, art that is stimulating, art that not only brings pleasure and satisfaction to your world, but art that generates growth, fosters change, and encourages creativity. The art we exhibit is not about answers. It isn’t even really about agreement. We like to think it asks questions, questions that don’t have specific answers. As a result, you the viewer participate in the aesthetic experience and complete the dialogue that has been begun by the artist. Without you the artwork is not complete.”

The Chicago Tribune said (excerpt - September 5, 2003):
“Tough times put art galleries in experimental mood” Paul Klein, who runs Klein Art Works, is poised to take perhaps the biggest leap of all. Having represented local and international painters and sculptors for 30 years, Klein decided earlier this year to add artists working in new media, namely digital and computer-generated art. He is looking to sell his West Loop gallery, complete with large sculpture garden and skylights, in favor of a space more conducive to showing digital art. He has formed a relationship with Sony, which has agreed to supply him with equipment in exchange for help in developing their digital business. “I’m not forsaking paint and sculpture,” he says. “I’m adding digital and computer works. I’m thinking that one can integrate.”