September 1st, 2003 - December 1st, 2003

Categories: Animation



Olympics is an OpenGl animation that explores the journey to the Olympic Games in a symbolic approach, playing with the five Olympic rings, the Torch and abstract golden environments.

The golden material for the environments consists of an allusion to the dream of every athlete - the Olympic gold medal.

The rings - symbolizing the athletes from the five continents, move around the different environments, which represent the different phases the athletes faces during the journey, arising, falling, struggling and interacting with each other, in an interpretation of the relationships between the competitors.

The most beautiful moment happens when the rings, together, form the Mandala - the “magic circle”, a metaphor for the spirit of total communion between all the athletes and their nations.

The sound track by John Williams is harmoniously integrated with the various scenes transactions along the animation, translating the feelings of determination and passion pertinent to the Olympic spirit.

Olympics placed first among the class projects in AD 408 - Computer Art Design Open GL, Fall 2003.