User Groups


EVL supports the users of its technologies, software and middleware by forming very successful and active user communities. These communities meet at professional conferences, and sometimes host their own meetings, workshops and forums.

EVL has held a leadership role in the following user group communities and continues its active participation:

Users of EVL’s real-time stratigraphic correlation, core description and data visualization system.

GeoWall Consortium
Users of EVL’s GeoWall portable 3D system.

Global Lambda Virtual Facility (GLVF)
An international virtual organization that promotes the paradigm of lambda networking in support of science.

Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE)
A worldwide user community of EVL’s graphics streaming architecture for supporting collaborative scientific visualization environments with potentially hundreds of megapixels of contiguous display resolution.

CAVE Research Network User’s Society (CAVERNUS)
While no longer active, CAVERNUS for many years was an extremely active user community of institutions who built and maintained EVL’s CAVE® virtual reality theaters. Members met annually at professional conferences, and had an active website where they shared tips, tools, techniques and application demonstrations.