Impressions of Persuasive 2012

Participants: Stellan Ohlsson

EVL Cyber-Commons, Room 2068 ERF

EVL collaborator, professor Stellan Ohlsson (Department of Psychology, UIC) attended Persuasive 2012: The 7th International Conference on Persuasive Technology.

Similar to EVL’s Human Augmentics research, Persuasive Technology is a stimulating interdisciplinary research field that focuses on how interactive technologies and services can be designed to influence people’s attitudes and support positive behavior change. The 2012 conference featured the latest insights into how mobile and internet-based applications such as mobile games and social networking sites could be designed to support positive behaviors changes in areas such as health, safety, and education.

Professor Ohlsson gives an overview of what he learned and his impressions of the conference at EVL’s tech meeting 8/1/12.


Date: August 1, 2012
S. Ohlsson - Department of Psychology

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