Monash: In the cave of high science

Paul Bonnington, director, Monash eResearch Centre - Monash University

Participants: Paul Bonnington, director; David Barnes, senior research fellow (Monash eResearch Centre)

Institutions: Monash eResearch Centre, Mechdyne Corporation


Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

The first customer to buy a CAVE2™ system from Mechdyne Corporation, the company that licensed the technology from the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), was Monash University, located in Melbourne, Australia. The CAVE2 opened last Fall at Monash eResearch Centre, and director Paul Bonnington and senior research fellow David Barnes have since garnered a great portfolio of applications.

These virtual-reality applications, as well as a few demos initially provided by EVL, are part of a recent story “In the cave of high science,” that appeared in Monash magazine. Moreover, this magazine was an insert in the June 17th issue of The Australian newspaper and in a recent edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education. The CAVE2 article, and an accompanying video, are available online.

Bonnington and Barnes provide EVL with ample recognition in this article and video, both for developing this “new visual representation technology,” a modern-day microscope “which can reveal features, details and a perspective never before possible with the naked eye,” and for the applications that were originally provided. Bonnington has collaborated for many years with EVL, and has been a wonderful evangelist and partner for EVL as his team uses and adapts the tools and technologies that EVL develops.


Date: June 19, 2014

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