Las Meninas: The Articulation of Vision

Authors: Bizri, H., Johnson, A., Vasilakis, C.

Publication: Visual Proceedings of SIGGRAPH ’98, Orlando, FL, pp. 307


“Las Meninas” is a virtual reality artwork created for the CAVE. The painting of the same title, “Las Meninas” or “The Maids of Honor” (1656), by the great Spanish painter Diego Velazquez, challenges the viewer with its allegorical subject matter and enigmatic mise-en-scene. From the outset the viewer confronts the artist’s canvas which is forever hidden from view. The viewer desires to see what is hidden from him and at the same time witnesses a mise-en-scene which carries within itself multiple allegorical meanings…

Date: July 19, 1998 - July 24, 1998
Still from - A. Johnson, EVL

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