Virtual Environments and Distributed Computing at SC’95

Authors: Korab, H., Brown, M.

Publication: GII Testbed and HPC Challenge Applications on the I-WAY, ACM / IEEE Supercomputing ’95


The annual Supercomputing conference provides computational scientists and engineers with a global forum for showcasing their research. Scientists transport parts of their labs to the conference site or connect to their labs over high-speed networks to communicate, to educate, and to learn from one another. This catalog is an attempt to capture all the planning, teamwork, cooperation, and especially the interactive, real-time presentations of two unique SC ’95 conference events: the GII Testbed and the HPC Challenge demonstrations, which run over the I-WAY, a national-scale, applications-focused, community-based ATM network.

Date: December 1, 1995
Synesthesia: Collaborative Biosignal Experience - M. Thiebaux, EVL

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