Tele-Immersive Collaboration in the CAVE® Research Network (chapter)

Authors: Johnson, A., Leigh, J.

Publication: Collaborative Virtual Environments: Digital Places and Spaces for Interaction, pp. 225-243, Churchill, Snowdon and Munro

In this chapter we will discuss our work to enable effective collaboration between remote participants within immersive virtual reality environments. We will discuss several of the environments we have created, the lessons we have learned, and the issues that are driving our current research. Our focus is on high-quality collaboration among a handful of participants connected by high-speed, high-bandwidth national and international networks in areas such as scientific visualization, education and design. Sharing these virtual environments with your remote collaborators as well as the topic of your collaboration may be better than collaborating with them in person, as you can now collaborate while standing inside your data, sharing the context of your discussions.

Date: January 1, 2001

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