Virtual Heritage at iGrid 2000

Authors: Pape, D., Anstey, J., Carter, B., Leigh, J., Roussou, M., Portlock, T.

Publication: Proceedings of INET 2001, Stockholm, Sweden

As part of the iGrid Research Demonstration at INET 2000, we created two Virtual Cultural Heritage environments - “Virtual Harlem” and “Shared Miletus”. The purpose of these applications was to explore possibilities in using the combination of high-speed international networks and virtual reality (VR) displays for cultural heritage education. Our ultimate goal is to enable the construction of tele-immersive museums and classes.

In this paper we present an overview of the infrastructure used for these applications, and some details of their construction.

Date: June 5, 2001 - June 8, 2001

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The Delfinio at Miletus - D. Pape, EVL

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