Vol-a-Tile - a Tool for Interactive Exploration of Large Volumetric Data on Scalable Tiled Displays

Authors: Schwarz, N., Venkataraman, S., Renambot, L., Krishnaprasad, N., Vishwanath, V., Leigh, J., Johnson, A., Kent, G., Nayak, A.

Publication: Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2004, Austin, Texas

We present the current state of Vol-a-Tile, an interactive tool for exploring large volumetric data on scalable tiled displays. Vol-a-Tile presents a variety of features employed by scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on data collected from the Anatomy of a Ridge-Axis Discontinuity seismic experiment. Hardware texture mapping and level of-detail techniques provide interactivity. A high-performance network protocol is used to connect remote data sources over high-bandwidth photonic networks.

Date: October 10, 2004 - October 15, 2004

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Vol-a-Tile displaying the ARAD seismic experiment dataset - L. Renambot, EVL

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