GeoWall 2

January 1st, 2002 - September 30th, 2007

Categories: Devices, User Groups

The GeoWall2 TileDisplay
The GeoWall2 TileDisplay


The first generation of the GeoWall was targeted at providing affordable 3D stereoscopic visualization of small- to modest-sized Geoscience datasets. Continuing the trend to take advantage of the commodity computing, GeoWall2 is designed to cost-effectively serve Geoscience applications that require greater display resolution and visualization capacity.

The full GeoWall2 consists of 15 LCD panels tiled in a 5x3 array comprising a total resolution of 8000x3600 pixels. Each LCD panel is driven by a single PC with a high-end graphics card such as Nvidia’s Quadro FX3000, at least 250GBytes of disk space, 2.5-3GHz CPU, and Gigabit Ethernet networking. GeoWall2 is scalable in that smaller or even larger versions can be built by adjusting the number of LCDs and computers. Furthermore GeoWall2 is backwards compatible with the original GeoWall in that the combined graphics capability of the computing cluster can be used to generate stereoscopic visualizations.

Applications of GeoWall2 include the visualization of large remote sensing, volume rendering imagery, mapping, seismic interpretation, museum exhibits and other applications that require a large collaborative screen area.

GeoWall2 was developed with support from the National Science Foundation.